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What Inspires Us: Our Recycled Denim & Tees

When you visit us at one of our pop-up events, you're guaranteed to find a rack of our signature shredded denim and shorts and our recycled affirmation tees. As always, it's important to us that we find new ways to use some of our world's most polluting textiles (read our mission here). But it's also important for us to create pieces that are unique and that will fit seamlessly into your own wardrobe-cool recycled pieces that you'll actually want to buy. I think we did just that.

Shredded Shorts

When we came up with the idea to cut denim jeans into shorts, we didn't go the traditional route. We didn't cut them super short because we wanted our everyday woman to be able to wear them. We frayed them just a little so that they would have room to naturally fray on their own. And we create opportunities to reuse the legs of the jeans for other projects so that no part of the jean is wasted. Here's our inspiration:

Bleached Out Patchwork Shredded Jeans

We've always loved to re-imagine denim. We've bleached jeans, painted jeans and ripped up jeans. In this latest project, we've taken the patchwork trend and combined it with our love of the bleach-dye process for an modern, eclectic take on vintage high-waist jeans. Each pair of jeans has custom, tie-dyed patches sewn in and a bleached effect on the legs of the jeans. Our inspiration:

Graphic Recycled Tees

We love a tee with a great graphic on it. As we started shopping thrift stores, we noticed how many great solid tees get donated. We began to wonder, 'If so many tees are getting donated, are they all getting sold? Or do they get trashed?'. Just so happened that we ended up finding a full run of these long sleeved shirts and the rest is history. We added a little Create + Restore flare to it and added an affirmation phrase to the front (a self-confirming sentence that you can repeat to yourself every time you might feel a little less than). And there you have it: a tee with style, that can be dressed up or down that keeps good shirts in circulation. Our Inspiration:

Want to take a look at our recycled pieces in person? Check out our EVENTS pages and find out where we'll be next. You can also visit our INSTAGRAM page for a peek into what we're doing.

See you soon!

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