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What I've Learned About Sustainability in the Age of #QuarantineandChill

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Family Feet
Sustainability is about saving people and the earth.

If you're living on some remote part of the earth, you might not be as affected by the Coronavirus (or COVID-19, as some may call it) as others. In Dallas, Texas we are under a shelter at home order, going out only for essentials, necessary doctors visits and exercise. I've been home since March 13th (only going out once), so I've had a lot of free time on my hands. I've made more home-cooked meals and treats in the last few days than I've made in the last few years. I've had a chance to get our web site up and going and add some of our product to it. I've cleaned (a little), developed a new morning routine, rested, and washed my face. I've watched Netflix, Hulu, and become a Disney + super fan. I've played with my son, laughed, giggled, fussed, and probably given him more hugs and kisses than his 16 year old self can stand. I've loved on my mom, listened to her wisdom and cherished her more than I've been able to in years. I'm learning how to love and serve my family without compromising my beliefs. And while I fail quite often, I'm learning in this time of social distancing that creating a sustainable earth goes hand in hand with creating a sustainable life, and that includes people. You can't just care for the well being of the earth and miss the humans on it and the relationships that matter the most in your life. This virus is horrible and I don't know where this day in history will land us in the future, but I am grateful for the opportunity to slow down, see what matters the most, and pivot. And while I still saved my food seeds (trying to grow a garden) and my plastic bottles (I have a couple of projects that need these), it wasn't at the detriment to the people that needed me most. Isn't that what the world needs-a little love and attention?

So let us know in the comments below, what have you had a chance to do now that you had been putting off? How has your life and priorities pivoted now that life has slowed down? And how can we pray for your during this time?

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