• Kara Richardson

#ThriftyThursday: New to Shopping Secondhand? Welcome to "Secondhand 101".

Shop from a sea of merchandise at your local thrift store.

New to shopping secondhand? We are starting a 7-week series on #thriftythursday entitled, “Secondhand 101”. Here, we’ll break down the importance of shopping secondhand and the differences between various secondhand shops, including thrift, resale, consignment, vintage, and estate sales. We’ll also give you some best practices on shopping each one, including what to shop for and where and a few of my favorite finds.

So let’s lay the foundation of the secondhand movement.

What is secondhand?

Dictionary.com defines secondhand as “previously used or owned.” So secondhand items are things that were either previously used by someone else or that were previously owned by someone else. Previously owned items could be things that are new with the tags still on them. The previous owner just didn’t use them. Some secondhand shops ask for new or gently used items to ensure that the things they receive can be reused.

When did the secondhand movement start?

The idea is reusing clothing has been around forever, but with the influx immigration and industrialism you started seeing thrift stores pop up as early as the late 19th century. Stigma or not, Christian organizations like the Salvation Army helped to normalize the idea that it was okay to buy other people’s stuff. For more information on the thrift store movement, read this article, first featured in Time Magazine.

Why is the secondhand movement relevant to you now, in 2020?

Because almost everything can be reused and we have to stop thinking of everything as disposable. Shopping secondhand saves items from our landfills and saves our budgets.

Now that we’ve carved out some historical context to the secondhand movement, we’ll start next week by discussing why shopping secondhand is important, not only from an environmental perspective, but from an economic perspective. If you have any questions on starting your own secondhand journey, email us at contactus@createdandrestored.com . See you soon!

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