• Kara Richardson

The Denim Collection, Coming Soon to Our Etsy shop.

Bleach-dyed denim shirt with pearl detail, the "Fannie", our denim clutch, and tie-dyed upcycled denim jeans.

One of the things that I learned working in my garden last year is that denim is the most reliable fabric to wear outside. After my wasp fiasco (let’s just say to NEVER wear a flowy dress in the garden if you can’t see what gets underneath it), I stuck to pants and shorts, and I found that if I wore denim, it also made a good handrag (I’m kidding, but not really).

Denim is a versatile, durable material, but unfortunately, it’s one of the most polluting materials to make and wear. This post isn’t about statistics, so I’m not going to bore you with them. But keep this in mind: it takes a lot of water to give each pair of jeans its own “wash” and it takes a lot of dye to color each pair of jeans, which could contaminate soil and water sources. One of the things we try to do at The Create + Restore Brand is to give items like this a second (and third) chance at life so that they don’t get thrown away just because they’re old and worn. “The Denim Collection”, takes everyday denim pieces and reimagines them as fun items that can mix seamlessly into almost any wardrobe.

New pieces to the collection launch this week on our Etsy page. To find out when new items are available, sign up for our email list.

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