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Prepared for rough weather? Here are 3 must-have sustainable pieces to have when it rains.

A sea of umbrellas

We’re on day one million of rain here in Dallas and since my mom and son needed new umbrellas, I bought the first thing I found online. They were cute but almost immediately I began to question whether what I had purchased was sustainable. Sustainability, by definition, means that you live a lifestyle that avoids depleting natural resources so that you maintain a ecological balance between you and the earth. It's about buying products that don't use up our natural resources, that are made with materials that will quickly biodegrade, and that won't add chemicals to our ecosystem. The crazy thing is that I didn't even think about what sustainable options there were in the rainwear industry. Admittedly, I looked at convenience versus commitment, going for the low-hanging fruit of umbrellas that would get to us quick, versus taking my time and ordering something that aligned with my mission of stylish, sustainable and affordable living. Since I still have to shop for myself, I'm going to do a little research and show you what I find. In the event that you're looking for for eco-friendly rain options, I've got you.

What Makes an Item Sustainable?

For the purpose of this blog post, sustainable rainwear includes rainwear made from recycled materials, using sustainable methods that involve generating less energy

and/or that utilizes durable, easily generated materials that don't strip the planet of its natural resources. Seems simple, doesn't it? Maybe, but maybe not. Finding sustainable options for anything involves research, research, and more research. Dig through a company's website, look at product reviews, read blog posts. Take your time. And please, make sure that you know what the company is doing that makes that item sustainble.

Now for my rainwear findings.

My Dream Raincoat Involves...Paint?

I Googled "raincoats made from recycled materials” and it came up with thousands of responses that were either not sustainable or that were super expensive. But the brand, RainKiss, offers eco-friendly options that are both stylish AND affordable. Each poncho is made using 100% recycled polyester, uses 40% less energy to make, and is cut to precision, meaning that less fabric goes to waste. This paint splattered poncho is one of my favorite prints, but they have other patterns and colors, as well.

Poncho by Rainkiss

Paint Splashes, $89


Rain Boots for These Big Feet

I have big feet. Part of the reason that I’ve never invested in a pair of good rainboots is that I haven't been able to find a pair that isn’t too expensive, that fits my

foot in the right places (they’re flat AND wide), and that aren’t harmful to the environment. I found these cute little red boots from a brand named Kamik. The Heidi boot, by Kamik, is vegan friendly, is 100% waterproof and is completely recyclable. There are other boots under this brand, from short booties, to these tall, patent-styled ones, so I plan to find a sustainable style that fits my personality. I’m just praying they fit my foot as well!

Rainboots by Kamik

Heidi, $49.99


Under This Umbrella

One of the things that makes an item sustainable isn't just that it's made in a way that's less harmful to the environment, but that it's made in a way that will last. When I was looking at sustainable umbrellas, I had a hard time finding them. I found more that dealt with longevity of use versus how it was made. But after I stumbled on this umbrella by LFLFWY, I was determined to believe that I could not only have a cute, long-lasting umbrella, but one that was made with sustainable materials. This umbrellas is made using recycled PET bottles, comes in multiple colors and folds easily for quick traveling.

Umbrella by Lflfwy

Eco-Friendly Umbrella, $15.69


Do you have some ways that you live sustainable even when it's raining? Are you practicing some sustainability methods on those days when it's wet and it's easy to grab something plastic and harmful to the environment? Leave your rainy days supplies and habits in the comments below. We'd love to share them with others.

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