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New at the Shop #9: Valentine's Day is Coming!

Sunday at the Dallas Farmers Market
Sundays are meant for the Market.

Hello and welcome to this week's "New at the Shop," where we talk about the new stuff-what we're working on and what's been working well. Before we get into what's new this week, let's talk about last week at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Dallas Farmers Market

Sundays are our days at the Dallas Farmers Market and since we're getting closer to Valentine's Day, we saw more people shopping for gift items. We sold tons of our bath soaks, our "Bohemian Rose" candles, our body oils and toners. Here's a few facts about our bath and body care products:

-They are made using essential oils and natural ingredients.

-They are made for people with dry skin, combo skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. Pretty much most skin types.

-The are made with simple, yet effective products.

We're back at the DFM on February 2nd, so make sure to grab your before they're gone. Here's more of what's new at The Create + Restore Brand:

The new watercolor floral t-shirt.

We are always coming up with new ways to recreate old things and we nailed it with our watercolor t-shirts. These shirts were hand-dyed and made using old undershirts (cleaned, of course). And the floral pattern, although accidental, gives the tee a floating, surreal feeling. Such a fun surprise! Catch these at the Dallas Farmers Market this Sunday.

The "Sammie" denim backpack
The new "Sammie".

Guess what? The denim backpack is almost done! We've literally translated a pair of denim jeans into a fully functioning piece that we affectionately call the "Sammie" (after my son, of course). "Sammie" is the 4th in our denim bag series. It has tie-up sides, striped straps, working original pockets, and a patchwork flap with snap closures. Grab this one of a kind piece at the Dallas Farmers Market this Sunday!

Homemade Screen Printing
Screen printing attempts

Finally, we're playing with screen printing and have made our own heart screen print. While this technique has me pulling out my hair at times (still working on the shape), I'm confident that we'll master this. I'm thinking about adding this to a t-shirt or onto a cut-off sweatshirt. What do you think?

That's only a piece of what we're working on this week. Want to see more? Visit us at the Dallas Farmers Market this Sunday before the Super Bowl and get your next great piece (before the game, that is).

See you soon,


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