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New at the Shop #8: New Life at the Dallas Farmers Market

Hello and Happy Tuesday Everyone!

We hope you had a great weekend! Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and with the exception of my blog fiasco (see our #AffirmationMonday blog post for this week) mom and I did not work. I had a chance to go out and have lunch with a dear friend and talk about family, business, and our themes for the year. Let me tell you, having someone that you can truly talk to is a blessing from God because when you feel like you're spinning your wheels they will help get you back on track.

Lunch at Dan's Seafood
Having lunch with a dear friend.

We've officially started our 2020 season with the Dallas Farmers Market and I'm still on cloud nine! We had our first market last Sunday so thank you to all of you who came out and supported us. I'm always excited when I see people looking for more sustainable, earth friendly solutions to what they purchase. We sold recreated denim, Affirmation Tees, art and even had a donation to our FABRIC RECYCLING PROGRAM. And I love the conversations we have with customers about what they've seen done with denim. It gives us inspiration to create outside of the box. Our goal is to show up at the market twice a month. If all goes as planned, and if the weather holds up, we'll be there for the next three Sundays (1/26, 2/2, 2/9). Make sure to check our EVENTS page for a current lists of events and pop-ups.

Fabric Recycling Program
Special plans for this donation to the Fabric Recycling Program

We are up and ready to tackle the new week and new projects. Here's a little bit of what's going on this week at C + R:

Create + Restore

Our denim backpack (the 'Sammie') is proving to be a BEAST, but honestly I'm so excited to see it grow and develop. I have to iron some of the panels flat before mom can start attaching them, but I foresee that in the next few days this will be a very different piece. Prayerfully, we will have it for sale at our next market.

Patchwork Denim, Tees and Other Created Things
Our patchwork denim jackets are hot sellers!

People are also loving our denim patchwork jackets and our bleached dyed denim! We only have 1 denim jacket left, so we've got to make new ones for this coming weekend. We also have patchwork jeans and tie-dyed t-shirts in the works.

Sustainable Products Made with Love
Expanding our selection soon!

Our goal is to start building upon our current collections and finding more unique ways to live sustainable lives. Think more body care products, home decor candle lines and experimentation with cleaners and other items. If there's anything you want to see made, email us

See you soon,


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