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New at the Shop #7: New Adventures in Reuse and Recycling

Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome to a new year and a new decade! We ended 2019 strong, doing markets and pop-ups with West Elm Dallas, Dallas Farmers Market, and other businesses in Dallas. I saw my mom become more and more involved with the business and we actually MADE more product in 2019 than we have in previous years. 2020 promises to be a year of faithfulness as we aim to spread the message of 'stylish, sustainable, affordable living'. Our goal this year is to find new things to do with old finds. We want to equip more people and families to adopt Eco-friendly lifestyles, throwing away less stuff and using and consuming healthier items. Here's what's happening at The Create + Restore Brand this week:

Create + Restore

We've experienced some real success with our made and recreated pieces, including our denim purses, our patchwork denim jackets and our Affirmation Tees. We're so thrilled that you see the value in re-purposing and how recreated pieces can be modern and fashionable additions to your closets. Look for some new product lines in our home decor section (think novelty pillows and floor poufs) and expansions in our purse and clothing collections. We're adding more patchwork, more styles and yes, even some tie-dye!

A. Jett Art & Illustrations

Our fashion illustrations have been the staple of our shows, adding a bit of vintage style, grace and femininity to our collections. Look for new art, including more from our graphic collection and additions of landscape and floral art. We will also be selling a few of our art pieces framed so that they're prepped and ready for your walls.

Not Your Mama's Vintage

With Not Your Mama's Vintage, we've decided to be more selective with the items we sell. They will all have a meaning and a purpose and will fit in with the styles and trends of the things we sell in our other divisions, creating cohesiveness and well-rounded groups that you'll want to buy together.

We are still working on a schedule of events for January-March, but we are excited to announce that we'll be a permanent fixture at the Dallas Farmers Market selling our handmade and recreated pieces. Yay! Come and check us out this Sunday, January 19th, 2019 from 10-5 pm and see what we have for you. We will begin bringing our recycling bin back out soon so you'll be able to donate your used and unwanted jeans and t-shirts (for more information about our Fabric Recycling Program, CLICK HERE). And as always, if you have any questions on your journey to a more earth friendly lifestyle, email us at

See you soon!


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