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New at the Shop #5: The Create + Restore Brand Shop Opens October 2019

Hi there!

I can’t believe October’s already here! It seems like I blinked and September had come and gone. The start of October is always hectic. As the holidays loom near, I’m forced into this balancing act, one where I have to figure out how to juggle mom duties with business and home life. My son has parent-teacher conference coming up and has to bake brownies (from scratch) for his foodie club at school. For mom’s birthday, I’m redecorating her room. And I have to do all of this while getting goodies ready for online shopping (starting mid-October) and prepping for shows and holiday collections. It’s a hectic time, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You hear me? Not a thing. 

A selection of our handmade and up-cycled items.

We all have a purpose in life.  But, like I tell my son, walking in your purpose doesn’t mean things will be easy. As a matter of fact, things might be harder than ever.  You’ll have to juggle priorities and skip hanging with your friends sometimes. You might have to work long hours to get things going. But knowing that you’re doing what you love and what makes a difference in the lives of others makes the sleepless nights, well, a little more bearable. What are you juggling this month? Let us know how you’re balancing this thing called life in the comments below. 

Here’s what we have going on this week at The Create + Restore Brand:

Create + Restore

So, this week at Create + Restore, we are finishing up some of the handmade project we’ve started. We have headbands that need sewing, pillows that need closing and purses that need making. We’re playing a little catch up but by the end of this week we’ll have a full group of handmade goods to put in our online shop. 

Not Your Mama’s Vintage

We are prepping our online shop for its grand opening mid-October and we just realized how much vintage clothing and home decor we have to list! I think we’re about to be buried to our elbows in cozy sweaters, trendy jackets and fun fall dresses. If you see anything in our posts that you are absolutely in love with, email us! We would love for you to have it-even if it’s not uploaded to the site.

A. Jett Art & Illustrations

This week, my mom, the resident artist, is experimenting with new imagery for future art prints. In the first new painting, she’s channeling her love of the ocean and surfing with art inspired by the sea. Look out for a sneak peek into the process.

We are launching our online shop in October! Stop by the site and sign up to receive 15% off your first purchase. You can also visit us on our Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest page for more info on our philosophy of stylish, sustainable, affordable living. And don’t forget to like us, follow us, and share us with everyone you think might be trying to curate a life that truly gives back.

xo, Kara

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