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New at the Shop #4: A Busy, Busy Week

Did you miss us last week? We sure missed you! It was a crazy busy week, starting on Sunday, September 15th with the Decent Market, put on by The Decent Collective. Create + Restore was set up at Four Corners Brewing Company in Dallas, selling our vintage, up-cycled and handmade goods alongside some really awesome creatives. We got to introduce shoppers to our idea of a true circular economy, one that not only uses good pieces, but reuses damaged goods. So shout out to Harley and the Decent Market team for allowing us this outlet to promote stylish, sustainable, and affordable living.

Sam & I at The Boho Market

Then this past Saturday, we popped up with The Boho Market at the Dallas Farmers Market and it was magical! The farmers market promotes wholesome, sustainable living and supports brands that are doing the same. Our customers literally shopped everything, including our vintage clothing and accessories, our recycled pillows and handmade artwork, and our up-cycled denim and tees. And the words of encouragement we received are what push us to keep making quality goods for you. You are our biggest inspiration!

Now we're in recovery mode. Mom is awake, but spent the majority of the day resting, and I'm over here listening to gospel music, fussing at myself for missing church. But if I haven't learned anything else, I've learned that it's okay to take a break. Besides, they make church online.


Here's what we have stirring in the pot this week:

Up-cycled pillows made from recycled fabric

Create + Restore

People were so excited about the recycled, up-cycled and handmade goods we had at the events that my mom and I are already planning new ways to use old finds. Look for new purses, including our signature denim fanny pack, new candle styles made with vintage glassware, and the introduction of recycled jewelry. And we just finished some new pillow styles so we'll be doing a blog post about them and our pillow creation process. Plus we've got new and used materials out and ready to create our turban style headbands.

Sweater, skirt & purse from Not Your Mama's Vintage

Not Your Mama's Vintage

We've been finding some good vintage pieces lately! For October, we'll be bringing out the tweed and leather! Hopefully Texas weather will follow suit. Come thru cooler temps!

Fashion sketch from A. Jett Art & Illustrations

A. Jett Art & Illustrations

Last week, we finished two of the first four prints of The Abstract Collection, a series consisting of bold lines and vibrant colors. I would have never guessed that watercolors could look so cool! We are prepping more art for October, including bigger prints from The 80's Collection, more abstract art, and the start of a new series featuring more realistic artwork.


While we can confess that we've been in pillow "hell", and I'm finding cotton in places that it shouldn't exist, I wouldn't trade it for anything. My mom even told me that she's doing what she loves and she's rediscovering herself. And that makes my heart smile. So thank you to all who support us. You really make a difference!



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