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New at the Shop #3: Celebrating Small Victories

My Family-The Create + Restore Team
Throwback? Yes! But this is one of the few pictures we have with the crew: me, my mom, and my son.

Hi there!

Is it just me or did the first week of September fly by? It's Sunday night, and even as I'm writing this post, I'm thinking of all the things I STILL have left to do. Wash my clothes, twist my son's hair, cut fabric-the list is endless! And it's easy for me to focus on what I haven't done. But as my mom constantly reminds me, I do a lot! It might not be what I think I should get done in a day, but I make big strides by taking small steps towards my goals. So I'm here to tell you-stop beating yourself up about what you don't get done. Celebrate your small victories and keep pushing forward! Somebody needed to hear that today, so you're welcome.

Here's what we've got going on at the shop this week:

Events Come out and shop The Create + Restore Brand on Sunday, September 15th. We'll be at the Four Corners Brewing Company on South Ervay in Dallas with the Decent Collective selling our vintage, up-cycled and handmade clothing and goods. We'll also have our recycling bin out for anyone that might want to donate their used goods to our Fabric Recycling Program. In our Fabric Recycling Program, we reuse your old or slightly used denim and t-shirt fabric, and make new products and fillings for our poufs and pillows. You'll also receive a discount for future shopping in the store! For more information on the event, click here.

Used beads at Create + Restore
Our new bead selection-all salvaged, of course

Create + Restore

What's not going on at C+R? First we've salvaged a whole bag of broken beads and gems to start making our own jewelry. It's amazing how many beads can come off one broken strand! We've also picked up some more t-shirts for our Affirmation Tees. I'm elbow deep in washing, ironing and cutting sleeves (with my son's help, of course)! I just received our order of slides for our denim backpack and I've got to go fish out some wooden dowels I bought from a thrift store to make our wooden handle purse. And let's not forget the massive amounts of pillows we're prepping for fall. We're finally (if all goes well) finishing our pouf, in addition to the 3 new styles of pillows.

Not Your Mama's Vintage

One of the things I do at the start of a new season is scour the internet for current trends. I read articles, browse Pinterest, and watch runway shows. And I take plenty of notes, because sometimes, when I hunt for vintage goods, I buy for trends. For the most part, however, I shop for timeless pieces that look good with any style. During my last shopping trip, I found over 100 pieces that will be released over the next few months, including about 50 new pieces for September! And that was just clothing!

Our Vintage Selection at Not Your Mama's Vintage at Create + Restore
Our vintage set up at a recent pop-up event

A. Jett Art & Illustrations

My mom, the artist in residence, is working on a new abstract art series for September. It's a 4-part abstract series using watercolors and will be available in an 8 x 10 (matted down to a 5 x 7) and an 11 x 14 (matted down to an 8 x 10). She's sketched out the color stories and they are looking good! Look for them at our events this month. Plus, our current collection, "The 80's Collection", is still available and you'll be able to coordinate them with the new art to create or add to your own art wall.

As you can see, we have a ton of things going on this month, so make sure to visit our website and blog page weekly, as we'll be updating it with new information about sustainability, our September playlist, events we'll be at and our recycling efforts. And don't forget to like, follow and share us with your friends!



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