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New at the Shop #11: Our Online Shop is Open!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

We skipped a Sunday at the Dallas Farmers Market to rest and heal, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t working. I’m a big proponent of knowing when to rest and when to push, and understanding that the lines will sometimes get blurred in between. I slept in, much to my son’s happiness, and after drinking coffee and playing Wheel of Fortune on my phone I got up to start my workday. And while my desk is still covered in scrap fabric and junk, I felt more prepared to start my week. So here’s what we have going on this week in the Create + Restore shop.

Online Now: The 80’s Collection Fashion Illustration Art Prints

The 80’s Collection, our collection of art prints from originals created in the 1980s, are the first collection to go online in our Etsy shop. Each fashion illustration exemplifies the beauty of womanhood with their own expression of femininity and style. These prints are available in an 8x10 (matted to a 5x7) and an 11x14 (matted to an 8x10; select styles only), with prices ranging from $20-$25. Visit our Etsy page to shop today.

Coming This Week to the Online Shop: The Royal Floral Pillow Collection

You can make anything with recycled goods, including cute pillows. Our throw pillows are made with both new and used, cleaned materials. The designs are carefully thought out and each pillow is put together with expert craftsmanship. The Royal Floral Pillow Collection uses a repurposed abstract floral fabric and a creamy repurposed textured fabric to create a modern pillow combination that is rich in color and luxurious to touch. The addition of new velvet in a deep purple is the perfect combination to the neutral tones.  Check out our pillows, available in a square, a large rectangle, two smaller rectangles, and two moon shapes ($12-$30) coming this week to our Etsy shop.

What We’re Working On: The Mini Pack Stress Pillow, the “Love Yourself” Pillow Collection and new work in the Denim Handbag Collection

The one thing I’ve promised myself (after almost having a meltdown) is that mom and I will spend more time just creating.  So here is what we’re creating in the shop this week.

The Mini Pack Stress Pillow:

We’ve made a small pillow that is just small enough to squeeze like a stress ball and just big enough to be a cute edition to a chair or child’s room. Remember the golden yellow sour cream pack pillow? The Mini Pack is its addictive bff and I couldn’t get my son to stop squeezing it! Available soon on Etsy and at market.

The Love Yourself Pillow Collection:

If you’ve been following our #AffirmationMonday blog posts, you know that we’ve been talking about the importance of loving yourself. You have to love yourself before you can love others properly. But who says that Valentine’s Day is the only day you can express that love? The Love Yourself Pillow Collection is a fun combination of colors, patterns and textures and includes our heart shaped neck pillow, striped accent pillows and a velvety soft floor pouf. The pillows will be available online and at market, while the pouf will only be available at market.

New Work in the Denim Handbag Collection:

We’ve loved experimenting with different purse shapes and pushing the limited of what we can do with denim. We’ve made the Sammie (denim backpack), the Karla (denim crossbody), the Fannie (denim clutch) and the Jettie (denim wallet pouch). Now we’re working on the Zoey, our denim carry-all, and the Bobbie, our denim makeup bag. We’re still fleshing out styles and ideas so stay tuned.

There are so many ways to reuse materials and as we explore our own ways of creation, email us at and let us know your thoughts. We would love to be able to incorporate your ideas into our works.

Until the next time!


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