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New at the Shop #10: Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone...Including Yourself

The Create + Restore Collection
Pieces from our current collection

We are less than one week away from Valentines Day and some of you might still be wondering, “What kind of gift do I need to get **fill in the blank**?” A daunting task, isn’t it? Come out and shop The Create + Restore Brand Sunday, February 9th at the Dallas Farmers Market from 10:00-5:00 pm for natural and sustainable solutions to all of your gifting needs. Take a look at some of the new pieces in the shop now:

The Crescent Moon 🌙 Pillow, $12 or 2/$20

When we started making pillows, we knew we wanted to do more shapes. But mom thought that now was the right time, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. And I’ll be completely honest, I loved the idea of a little moon but I knew if it didn’t go right it could end up looking like a banana. Needless to say that this one exceeded our expectations! It’s not only cute but it’s soft and cushion-y. It’s also good to wrap on the side of your neck for your side sleeping needs. We have one available right now and will be making another one for Market on 2/9.

The “Sammie” Denim Backpack, $48

The “Sammie” is the newest addition to our denim handbag collection. It’s made using the body of a pair of jeans, while the flap and straps are made from various denim pieces. When we started making our bags, we were trying to find ways to reuse denim, some of the most polluting fabrics made. After all, denim not only pollutes in the production process, but in on the back end as well. This denim has been completely cleaned and reused, keeping more out of landfills and in circulation.

The “Me Time” Herbal Facial Steamer, $6

We have been experimenting more and more with natural products recently. My son has been using our Rose Water Facial Toner and it has really cleared up his combo acne-prone skin. Here recently I’ve been trying to find other things that would work with acne and inflammation. We came up with this once a week treatment made with a combination of rose petals, chamomile and turmeric. The rose petals and chamomile are good for rejuvenating the skin, while turmeric is good for acne and inflammation. Try adding it to your own skincare routine.

This week at the Dallas Farmers Market, we’re introducing our February Pillow Collection, a fun and modern combination of black, white and Fuchsia. Look for triangle and heart shaped pillows, large graphic squares and a cute floor pouf in a soft, velvet fabric. 

Come and visit us this Sunday at Dallas Farmers Market and shop our selection of reused, recycled and handmade pieces. And shoot us an email at if you have any questions. See you soon!

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