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My garden went to the birds and here's why I don't care.

My garden went to the birds and here's why I don't care.
A poblano pepper growing in our garden.

When I started my garden back in May, I started at full speed. I went to my local home improvement stores and found soil, compost, and containers for my garden. I read all the books and blogs and even subscribed to a few podcasts to learn all I could about starting and growing my garden. I planted and sewed and watered, sometimes even in my sleep. And I fought off bugs I'd never seen in my life (with a few of them even making it into the house). I loved every minute of it, and even had a pretty good crop of tomatoes, okra, cucumber and peppers. But as soon as fall hit, I fell flat.

There is such a thing as garden overwhelm. Gardening was my passion right after the craziness of the pandemic started but somewhere between then and now I put too much pressure on myself. I was requiring myself to do too much too quickly so by the time the fall hit, and I had harvested the majority of my crop, I completely slacked off. I planted seeds that I still haven't replanted. I pulled up some of my old plants, while others are decomposing where they sit. And I've been collecting old food containers and bottles to use that I still haven't used.

So I'm writing this to tell you something that I'm just now learning myself: don't mess up something that's meant to be fun by demanding too much out of it. I'm happy that I grew something, which, ultimately, was my only goal. But I'm okay with my garden being a hot mess right now. Because I'm redeveloping my passion and figuring out what my next goals are. God willing, there'll be a spring garden. And for the record, I do have broccoli growing and the last of the poblano peppers are still kicking. But I'm perfectly content with letting things go to compost if it means I still have peace.

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