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Feeling like fall? Your October trend list is here.

October Mood Board
Our October mood board.

This has been an unseasonably warm fall for us in Texas. However, we finally started seeing a drop in the temperatures, which has left me and my wardrobe feeling confused. And I haven't been this confused since 2008 when I went to L.A. in the spring. So I decided that I'm going to dress for fall-regardless. I don't care if I see all 4 seasons in one day. I'm going to wear some jackets, I'm going to wear some leggings and I'm going to wear some boots. Period. You might see me with a fan on my face, but I will be season appropriate.

This month's mood board is dedicated to cooler weather. For your wardrobe, that means finding pieces that you can layer with others and take off when needed. For your home, cooler weather is the perfect time to practice maximalism. Add throw pillows and blankets to a sofa. Beef up your shelf game with things other than books. Soup up your table game for holiday dining. Our online shop opens October 15th, 2019 and we are building a collection of goods to help you achieve your go-to fall look. As always, everything we have is used or made from mostly recycled goods. But my goal is to show you how to take new trends and build them with used pieces. They are more unique, better for the environment, and, in many cases, better on your wallet. We are committed to creating a circular economy that is stylish, sustainable and affordable.

Take a look at our trend list and let us know what your must haves are. And tell us what's on trend for you. It's okay to be the trendsetter in the group!

October Trend List:

1. Jackets (we're really into tweed right now)

2. Leather Anything

3. Harvest Colors (think rust, mustard yellow, variations of green, etc)

4. Chunky Ethnic Accessories

5. Plaids & Textures

6. Animal Inspired Goodies

7. Colorful Glassware

8. Brass & Other Metals

9. Rattan

10. Black & White Patterns (for a little Halloween fun)

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