We sell vintage, handmade and up-cycled clothing, accessories and home décor. We find opportunities to connect style, sustainability and affordability. And we empower women and their families to curate wardrobes and homes that give back to their environments. 


I have come to realize that although my mom and I founded Create + Restore in 2013, it has taken six years to develop into the business that it’s becoming today. Amazing, isn’t it?


The idea for C+R came in 2013 while redecorating my son’s room. We had lots of vision, but with a small budget, we had to use some creativity. I added a fresh coat of paint, re-purposed furniture we already had, and shopped for both new and second-hand pieces at local thrift stores. What we created was a great room with great style that didn’t break the bank. We decided that was something everyone deserved.

Create + Restore started as a home decorating service, so the transition to selling vintage happened naturally. Truthfully, I was finding more cool vintage pieces than we were getting decorating clients! During my shopping trips, I started to become more conscious of how much excess our culture lives with. After all, going to estate sales and thrift stores every week will allow you see how much stuff people hold on to. And unfortunately, not all of those items end up sold. It was then that I decided that C+R needed to be a part of a solution that allowed great used items to get a second life instead of ending up in landfills and negatively affecting our environment.


We started off selling vintage home décor, then moved into selling vintage clothing and accessories. Now, we up-cycle items, recycle fabrics to make new pieces and create beautifully hand-sketched artwork.


We bring our experience to markets and pop-ups in the Dallas area, as well as in our online shop. We also offer:

Inspiring, Informational & Engaging Blog Posts

Monthly Positive Music Playlists

Fabric Recycling and Rewards Program

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Meet The Team

Kara Richardson

Kara is an American retail entrepreneur that also designs, recycles and reuses clothing into turns them into updated, trendy clothes, home goods and accessories. An eco-friendly and earth conscious mother, Kara started Create + Restore 6 years ago as a way to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. She continues to grow the business with her family by expanding into vintage (Not Your Mama's Vintage) and art (A. Jett Art & Illustrations).

Althie Richardson

Althie is an American fashion illustrator and artist with a degree in fashion design. A retail store manager for more than 35 years, Althie has extensive knowledge of merchandising and operations. She has now ventured into e-commerce with her daughter as co-owner of The Create + Restore Brand, including Create + Restore, Not Your Mama's Vintage and A. Jett Art & Illustration. Her goal is to promote recycling and reuse as a means of saving our earth.




"Such a great piece!
Such a great find."


In addition to our online blog and shop, we would love for you to visit us in person. We pop up at several markets throughout Dallas. Visit the EVENTS page for our monthly calendar.